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Own your own decentralized username.

No more copying and pasting long addresses. Manage all your distributed services easily and securely with unique user IDs as common usernames, Wallet addresses, etc. across your apps and websites.
DIVER Domain Features
Domains are decentralized through blockchain technology, giving you complete control over your domain.
Just as Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, so is the DIVER Domain registered on the blockchain.
Highly secure and censorship-resistant because it is managed by a network of distributed nodes rather than controlled by a single entity.
User-friendly web3 experience
Send and receive payments
You can carry your username anywhere in the digital world, including websites, links, and social networks. Your username is the foundation of your identity in real life.
Your name on the Internet
Simplifies the storage of addresses and the sending and receiving of any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT by replacing all complex wallet addresses as Web3 user names.
Build decentralised websites
Launch censorship-resistant decentralised websites with your DIVER Domain name. Upload your website to IPFS, or link your existing DNS to DIVER Domain.
Managed on the DIVER Chain
Decentralized on the DIVER chain, an innovative L1 blockchain that can be leveraged as a profile for a variety of services in the DIVER chain ecosystem.
What is DIVER Domain?
DIVER Domain is a domain on the blockchain designed to resolve names of WEB3 content, such as your wallet address or decentralized website address, using smart contracts.
Once I own a DIVER Domain, can I create my own subdomains?
Yes, you can create your own subdomains as needed and assign ownership of them to others.
Can I transfer my blockchain domains?
Yes. DIVER Domain are build on DRC721 (NFT), you can transfer it using an DRC721 enabled wallet.
Does DIVER Domain compatible with ICANN traditional domains?
This is not possible at this time; DIVER Domain is built using blockchain technology, which allows for the deployment of a decentralized web, which is not possible with traditional domains.
How do renewals work?
Anyone can add registration years to any existing name by paying the required fee, at any time.
How much will the yearly renewals cost?
Please contact us
Own your own decentralized username.